In 1942 Don Modesto Güell sold El Peñón and with a great commercial vision, he purchased La Fortuna farm located 220 km south from Santiago. He planted the property with fine grapevines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc. During this time, Don Modesto's son, Daniel Güell Galofré joins his father and helps him to continue the family tradition, producing better wines each time. Anticipating itself to which the market would demand, Daniel planted different kind of grapes varieties, and he put all his effort in improving the harvest system and the quality of the fruit.

In those years the wine was sold mainly in bulk to the big wineries. Once again the Güell's vision took them to build in the late forties the current cellar with 6.500 m2, comprising 16 cement vat of 55.000 liters each, 80 oak casks with 30.000 liters of capacity each, 45 stainless steel tanks with 1.200.000 liters and one automatic bottling line of 2.000 bottles per hour.

In this way La Fortuna brand has been in the market since 1950. Nowadays the third Güell generation, leaded by Don Daniel Güell Galofré and his son Luis Daniel Güell Borlando, maintain the tradition of producing wines with the same dedication and passion that its predecessors.

The old cellar, located in the Maule Region, Lontue Valley, has turned nowadays into a modern one, replacing part of the old concrete and oak vats into stainless steel tanks, modern equipments such as pneumatic presses, cooling systems and all the necessary infrastructure to produce the high quality wines that the international markets demands.

Taking advantage of the excellent sanitary conditions of Chile, and maintaining the old traditions in the land culture, the Fortune has transformed in the last years in one of the most important Chilean actors in the organic wine production. All the vineyards are grown in total absence of chemical pesticides and herbicides thus resulting in an official organic grape production and they are certified by the Swiss Agency IMO, recognized through the world.